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Annual audited accounts 2021

The organisation made a surplus of $1,116.93 for the 2020/21 year. This reflects the decreased level of expenditure producing the hard copy of the magazine and reduced applications for grants from clubs. The number of members renewing their memberships for the year did not appear to have been affected to any large degree by the Covid-19 pandemic. We had 37 new members join during the year which was slightly down on previous years. We only had one junior regularly competing during the year which is disappointing . I am not sure of the reasons for this but maybe Covid-19 had some affect with this.

Malcolm Ward.

I would also like to formally nominate Mike Butler for Life Membership of NALA. Mike has put a huge amount of time and effort in the background to the organisation over the years and deserves recognition for this.

Annual audited accounts 2020

The subscriptions received are at a level to more than cover the on-going expenses of the organisation. The Grants to clubs for equipment and the 30 year gifts to all active NALA clubs during the year put quite a dent into the organisation's reserves. This leaves the organisation where it will need to be very prudent over the next medium term when considering equipment grants to clubs. We have some $1,000 left in club reserves as at the end of 31 March 2020 for this sort of expenditure.

Honoriums totalling $2,700.00 for 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 have already been allowed for in the accounts so the organisation is in a position to pay these.

Annual audited accounts 2019

NALA made a small loss for the year of $ 347.65. This came about from Grants totaling $400.00 made to clubs and increased Website costs.

We are producing less hard copy magazines which has reduced the cost of producing the magazine. This reduction however, has been offset by the increases in postage. The current subscription rate for the Home Post of the magazine is insufficient to cover the costs of producing and posting the magazine. It has been decided that the cost of the Home Post subscription is to increase to $50.00 per annum.

NALA Life members

Life Members
  • Ian Gray (1998)
  • Karen de Wit (1998)
  • Fiona Ferrar (2006)
  • Allan Rohde (2014)
  • Mike Butler (2021)