National Agility Link Association

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NALA Membership

Annual membership is due on April 1st.

Discounted membership applies from August 1st. 

NOTE: You need to compete at least 8 times during the year for your scores to count in the Annual awards. 

There are three types of members: Single/Life, Family and Junior. You can either get a magazine delivered to your Home address, or buy a digital copy which you can view online. There are further discounts if you join part way through a year.


Single membership 

Family membership

Junior membership


Aug – November: 

$40.00(full with home posting), 

$20.00 (digital), 

$5.00 (Family)

Dec – March: 

 $30.00 (full with home posting) 

$20.00 (digital), 

$5.00 (Family)

Membership form

You have successfully joined NALA!!
The NALA bank account is 03-1571-0025134-25.
The Direct Credit payment must include your NALA Membership and your name.

ENSURE the following details are included when you make payment:
• Enter your membership number number (obtained from or email [email protected]) in the Particulars field, and
• Enter your name in the Ref field.
A separate payment will need to be made for each member.
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